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About Me

My Journey

Sept 22 - March 23

Klaviyo Manager


As I left the agency to embark on my solo journey, I found this challenging project. Where I had 3 brands, translated to 9 languages (all european). And I had to setup and organize these brands in a timeframe of 6 months. It was a great experience and a good challenge

Sept 20 - Sept 22

Klaviyo Operations Manager

The Money Network Company


Back to drawing board, I had an opportunity to work for an agency as a digital marketer. Which then later on changed to Full time email marketer.

Because of my technical knowledge, I always had an advantage while working with Klaviyo. Which then resulted me to being promoted as Project Manager and then handle a full stack team.

Apr 19 - Feb 20

Dropshipping Business


Started as an experiment, a dropshipping store for USA and Europe. Selling cool stuff over internet and earning a profit out of it. Everyone wanted to get in on this. As I found a winner product and started to scale my Facebook ads, I lost almost all of my money (FB ads were way too much unpredictable back then)
But I earned ton of experience and that matters!

Apr 18 - Mar 19

Travel Coordinator

Travel Wikipedia

Started as a technical head and also a sales person to fully understand the business.

Ran a travel company successfully for 6 months while providing my assistance to my old employee. 

Mar 17 - Mar 18

PHP Developer

Prime Kreation

Back in hometown for action

Left my previous job for an opportunity to build a custom CMS. We did build the CMS in time and landed as much as 30+ local travel agent clients to build their website under that CMS

Mar 16 - Feb 17

Wordpress Developer

Smart Design Hut

My first job as a PHP and WordPress developer presented a new learning curve. Beyond technical skills, I discovered the intricacies of office work and revenue generation in companies. This experience broadened my horizons and fueled my professional growth.


2011 - 2015

Shoolini University

Bachelor of Technology

(Computer Science)

Not a high scoring student but an average one. Obviously I got good grades in programming but I was more like an extrovert.

Taking part in activities, organizing our university tech fest 2 times. I would say it was the foundation of me being able to work independently today

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Go-to-Market Planning

Teamwork & Collaboration

Digital Analytics


English (Fluent)

Hindi (Native)

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